Siemens STC-GVT Compressor Series

Integrally geared, vertically split volute casing and single or multi-stage expanders or integrated turbine drive

Since its inception 60 years ago, the Siemens STC-GV compressor series has been meeting demands for compression solutions with high efficiencies. Comprising either single or multi-stage expanders or an integrated turbine drive, the Siemens STC-GVT series builds on reliable compressor technologies. Designed in accordance with customer specifications and with both API 617 and API 672, Siemens STC-GVT guarantee the highest quality and technical standards for a broad range of industrial applications.


  • The perfect match for air separation and process-industry requirements
  • High efficiency and outstanding operating range
  • Powerful and robust design, with integrated turbine or expander options
  • Flexible design concepts combining custom-tailored design with standardized components for maximum reliability
  • Siemens is the only compressor manufacturer who also develops and supplies proprietary gear technology.


  • Air separation
  • Direct reduction
  • Nitric Acid
  • Phenol
  • Synthetic fibers

Design Concept

The Siemens STC-GVT integrally geared centrifugal compressors with single or multi-stage expanders feature a multi-shaft arrangement with different speeds. All shafts are mounted in maintenance-free, oil-lubricated hydrodynamic bearings. Optimized shaft speeds, modern impellers, tailored aerodynamics and mechanics along with optimized auxiliaries guarantee the highest efficiency. Adjustable guide vane units at the first and / or any other compression stage optimize the operating range. External cooler arrangements allow for operation at extreme site conditions.


Package and driver options

For most STC-GV compressor sizes, Siemens offers a package design. The package includes the compressor, driver, process gas coolers, lube oil console, process piping and all tubing and wiring. The package design leads to significantly reduced on-site installation time. These compressor types are also suitable for direct turbine-drive or integrated turbine design (Siemens STC-GVT).


  • Integrally geared, multi-stage design
  • Up to three expansion stages
  • Wide operating range and outstanding part-load efficiency at turndown
  • Multi-service capability due to finely-graded standard components
  • Feeds multiple functions from one casing
  • Can be used in toxic, corrosive and hydrocarbon applications
  • Casing (volutes) fabricated or cast – material: from cast iron to stainless steel
  • Axial inlet to each impeller, intercooling between stages
  • High-efficiency water separators
  • Flexible cooler design
  • Design code API 617 + API 672

GVT with expansion stage(s)

  • Inlet guide vane unit in front of each stage
  • Optional interheating between stages

Control Systems
Perfect protection and process control via flexible Siemens compressor automation (SCAUT) control systems:

  • Anti-surge protection
  • Performance controllers acting on mass flow, suction pressure or discharge pressure
  • Simultaneous control of sets of variable inlet guide vanes
  • Controlled by throttling, bypass operation or inlet whirl variation
  • Operation with all available drive systems, i. e. electric motors, steam turbines and gas turbines
  • Fully automatic or semi-automatic start-up and shutdown sequences exactly matched to customers’ process demands
  • Certified safety systems available

Technical Data

  • Volume flow rates up to 480,000 m³/h (280,000 cfm)
  • Discharge pressure up to 60 bar (870 psi) air and other gases

Driver: depending on process and energy resources: steam turbine, gas turbine or electric motor, integrated steam turbine (package design).


  • High efficiency and wide operating range
  • Multi-service capability and various application options in one casing
  • Long life due to process-optimized materials
  • Cost-efficient, compact compression solution
  • Siemens-owned gear technology
  • Flexible cooler design
  • High-efficiency water separators