Siemens Gas + Diesel Engines + Gensets

  • Guascor FGLD Engine
  • Guascor SFGM Engine
  • Guascor FG Engine

Siemens high-efficiency, low-emission gas and diesel engines and gensets are designed for various applications such as power generation, cogeneration, mechanical drive, and marine. These engines provide —

  • High efficiency (best in class 2 MW)
  • Competitive life cycle cost
  • Fuel flexibility (NG, Biogas, landfill, sewage, flare gas, Syngas, LPG)
  • Robust design for continuous operation

These engines are suitable for a broad range of commercial, industrial and municipal uses with long service intervals, easy maintenance and low fuel consumption. Also featured with:

  • Excellent Global & Thermal efficiency
  • Standard, interchangeable engine parts
  • Integrated proprietary GCS-E engine and GCS-G genset control systems
  • Fuel blending
  • High operational availability
  • Low life cycle costs
  • Cost-efficient short implementation
  • Compact footprint
  • High flexibility through modularity
  • Own distribution network for spare parts and engine service

Siemens SGE-FR Gas Engines

  • Lean burn
  • 150 to 238 kWb

Siemens SGE-FL Gas Engines

  • Lean burn
  • 260 to 800 kWb

Siemens SGE-SL Gas Engines

  • Lean burn
  • 252 to 985 kWb

Siemens SGE-SR Gas Engines

  • Rich burn
  • 281 to 870 kWb

Siemens SGE-SM Gas Engines

  • Lean burn
  • 1055 to 1100 kWb

Siemens SGE-HM Gas Engines

  • Lean burn
  • 520 to 1240 kWb

Siemens Propulsion, Auxiliary + Gearboxes for Marine Diesel

Marine diesel engines are designed and manufactured to work in harsh conditions with minimum consumption.

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