The lean burn, electronically carbureted, Siemens SGE-SL Gas Engines range from 252 to 985 kWb and provides excellent installation solutions for power generation, co- and tri-generation, and mechanical drive applications.

The Siemens SGE-SL engine series can be adapted to operate on lean gases from biomass gasification processes as well as associated gas, low quality natural gas, well gas, natural gas liquids (NGLs) and a wide range of waste gases from the oil and gas industry.

  • Output range from 315 to 1067 kWb
  • Powered by natural gas, biogas, landfill gas, sewage gas, flare gas, and a wide variety of other gases — syngas, associated petroleum gas (APG), well gas, etc.
  • Supplied as a stand-alone engine, genset, with cogeneration systems (CHP) skid separately, or in a fully assembled container unit (noise insulated if required)

Features include —

  • Dry / wet exhaust manifold
  • Single / double step intercooler
  • Oil cooler in main / auxiliary circuit
  • 248 / 194ºF (120 / 90°C) main cooling circuit temperature
  • 176 / 131 / 104ºF (80 / 55 / 40ºC) intercooler cooling circuit temperature
  • EPA certified for natural gas power generation
  • Able to reach rich burn engines load acceptance in certain configurations

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